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Cemeteries are a great start to looking into the past. Many of our Spicer's have uncovered head stones, epitaphs, deceased and birth dates as well as puzzle pieces to locations, spouses and children. If you'd like to see some obituaries we've collected, just click on the names. If you'd like to add some, submit them via email to:
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What information do "Death Records" contain ? cemetery Death records usually contain several important details:
- Name cemeteries
- Place of death cemeteries
- Date of death cemeteries
- resident at the time of death
- sex cemeteries
- color cemeteries
- marital situation cemeteries
- occupation cemeteries
- name of partner cemeteries
- age cemeteries
- birth place cemeteries
- cause of death cemeteries
- parents information (Names, birth place, maiden name, undertakers name, date of record)
What is a death certificate?
A death certificate is an official certified copy of the information registered when someone dies, including the date, place and cause of death, marital situation, age and occupation.


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Moses Spicer b.? d.Aug.4, 1797 [.PDF]
Culpeper County, VA.
Will Book D, Pgs: 213-214



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  Kamiah's Historic IOOF Cemetery: Researched and written by Reese Spicer. Form: PDF
Excerpt: "
Chartered in 1901, Idaho - when Kamiah was at the old depot site, Clearwater Lodge No 68 of the International Order of Odd Fellows took up the cause and in the spring of 1903 began to make an effort to acquire land for a cemetery."
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